Boraxo for Fleas

Some people use Boraxo on fleas thinking that it is borax. While their name sounds familiar, borax and Boraxo are not the same.

What is Boraxo?

Boraxo Is a powdered hand soap. It is made up of many ingredients, including borax. The product is aimed at people who get dirty when working (example, farmers and mechanics). It is also used to remove stains on hands or clothes.

boraxoWhile it can be used to remove cockroaches, it isn’t used to remove fleas. The confusion comes from the fact that 20 Mule Team, makers of Boraxo powdered soap, also make a separate borax product.

To clear things up, Boraxo is marketed as a powdered hand cleaner. It is made up of borax and soap flakes. Rather than use Boraxo on fleas, borax should be used instead.

How to Remove Fleas with Borax

Step 1

Determine the extent of the flea infestation. If it is heavy, you’ll need to purchase more than a few borax. The most likely areas to be infested by fleas are the spots your pet plays in. Carpeted areas are also haven for fleas. They are also found under furniture.

Step 2

Vacuum these areas. This will remove a lot of the fleas, dirt and other pests that may be lurking around. Remove the vacuum bags after they are filled up. Throw the bags in an outdoor trashcan.

Step 3

Apply a small amount of borax on the carpet. Leave the powder there for a few minutes. If there is no problem (i.e., discoloration), you can apply the rest of the borax on the carpet. Spray a fine layer of the powder on the flooring too.

You can sprinkle the borax around the furniture. There is no need to apply thick layers of borax. Get a broom and work it deep into the fibers of the carpet. Keep working the borax into the carpet until the substance cannot be seen anymore.

Step 4

Leave the borax there for 24 hours. For heavy infestation, leave the borax there for 48 hours. Do not allow children or pets near it. It’s important that you keep the borax away from moisture. Vacuum the borax after one or two days. Vacuum it thoroughly.

If you use Boraxo on fleas, there is no evidence that it will damage the carpet or flooring. But using borax is far more effective. When borax is applied, it will keep fleas off for several months.

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