Getting Rid Of Fleas on Humans

Getting rid of fleas on humans is usually time-consuming. More often than not, processes will have to be repeating over and over just to ensure that fleas don’t come back. The steps required to do so are usually done while you are ridding your house and your pets of these little pesky critters.

Treatment Options

Some people think that they will need harsh chemicals just to be permanently rid of these critters. However, it should be noted that you don’t need strong chemical solutions just to curb an infestation. Families can be protected either by using such solutions or by using natural ingredients. The choice of using one or the other usually depends on the family.

Useful Tools

fleabitesThere are several useful tools to get rid of fleas on humans whether you opt for natural or strong chemical solutions. You’ll generally need a dish detergent, bathtub, fine-toothed comb, shampoo, soapy water in a bowl, orange/lemon extract, and an abrasive sponge. Remember that when someone opts for strong chemical solutions, a doctor’s advice should preemptively be sought before using such chemical solutions.

Simple Steps to Get Rid of Fleas on Humans

Personal hygiene is one huge key in controlling flea infestations and curbing any future growths. Here are a few simple steps or tips that anyone can do in order to be permanently rid of these parasitic creatures. Remember to consult your physician regarding medicines or chemical solutions that can be applied to flea bites.

The first step to curb any infestation on humans is to draw hot baths. Add a cup of dish detergent to the hot bath. Next, add a cup of orange or lemon extract. This simple solution is potent enough to kill both larvae and adult fleas. Follow your doctor’s advice in case you opt for a more potent chemical solution.

Next, wash your hair using the same shampoo you use during bath time. Leave it on your hair for half an hour. After that, soak yourself in the bath solution prepared earlier. Reheat the water periodically in case it gets colder. It is advisable to keep the water as hot as you can tolerate.

Remember to scrub both your hair and skin as thoroughly as possible. Use the abrasive sponge or cloth. Make sure to scrub the back of the neck, in between toes, and the hairline above the ears. These are some of the places where these fleas on humans love to congregate in.

After the bath, comb your hair and put any flea that falls off into soapy water in a bowl to finish them off. You should keep repeating this practice about two times a week until you don’t get any more fleas when you comb your hair.

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