Sand Fleas Services

Sand flea services are usually not provided for by companies that specialize in various flea treatments. To understand why, a few facts have to be considered.

Facts about Sand Fleas

These fleas are not the ones you see on dogs and cats. These fleas are found in beaches, marshes and sandy areas. Also, these creatures are not insects; they are crustaceans. Their most conspicuous features are the transparent wings. These wings have gray and black spots. There are many types of sand fleas.

The American sand flea comes with antennas that are much longer than those on other the other species. The size varies. Some are no bigger than a rice grain. But some types can be four times larger than that. There are also some species whose size is somewhere in between.

Are These Fleas Dangerous?

Sand-FleaThese creatures feed on other sea creatures, and in that sense they can be dangerous. But they do not attack people. Unlike other fleas, the sand fleas do not get into cats, dogs or other animals. Very rarely do people get bitten.

However, it can happen. The fleas will usually bite around the feet or ankles. Due to the small size of the sand fleas, people can be bitten even before they realize it. Only the females bite.

Sand Flea Bite Symptoms

The bitten area will swell up. There will be rashes or welts. This may last for a few days or longer. Some people also get fever from the bites. It is the welts that are very itchy.

Flea Bite Treatments

There are many treatments available, so sand flea services are usually not needed. First of all the bitten area must never be scratched. If it is scratched, infection may set in. Then, wash the bitten area with soap and water. Or you may apply antiseptic lotion or alcohol.

If it itches, press a cold compress on it. Calamine lotion reduces the itchiness as well. One percent hydrocortisone cream has also been proven to be effective in getting rid of the swelling.

Antihistamines may also be prescribed by your doctor. Anti-inflammatory treatments are administered for persistent bites. A natural treatment for sand flea bites is aloe vera.

Even though sand flea services are not that common, you can avoid or treat the bites using the methods described above. But if the bites are serious, you can always go to your doctor for a prescription.

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