Ticks with White Spot on Back

Ticks with a white spot on the back are female Lone Star Ticks. Its common name is Lone Star while the formal name is Amblyomma americanum.


The white spot or star on the female is what distinguishes it from other ticks. The white spot, sometimes called a star, forms part of the tick’s shield. Aside from the spot, the tick is known for being very forceful. It will travel long distances just to go after its host.

Repelling the Ticks

ticks-white-dotVarious ticks can be used to repel the ticks. Among the most effective are deet-based repellents. There are also many products available that can keep the fleas at bay. Spot-on and topical treatments can be used. There are also shampoos that can get rid of ticks and also fleas.


Keeping Lone Star ticks off your pet is necessary because it can carry a lot of diseases. These include Tularemia, Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis and quite likely Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The tick does not carry Lyme disease, but some people get rashes that are similar to those of Lyme disease. The cause of the disease is unknown.

However, it has been established that it isn’t due to the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria which carries Lyme disease. If you get bitten by ticks with a white spot on the back, the rashes may appear.

Additional symptoms will include fever, fatigue, muscle and joint pains and headaches. This condition is now known as southern tick-associated rash illness (STARI). Treatment consists of oral antibiotics.


The Lone Star tick is found mainly in the south central and south eastern states. Studies have shown that the tick range has been expanding over the past three decades. It has been sighted in places like central Texas and Oklahoma and northern Maine.


The Lone Star tick feeds on dogs, cats and humans. This is true not just for the adult tick, but even at the larva and nymph stages. When bitten, the area will appear red and be irritable.

While it causes discomfort, it does necessarily imply an infection has set in. There are many antibiotics and skin creams that may be used to reduce the pain.

The best way to avoid being bitten by ticks with a white spot on the back is by not going to their habitats. These include areas with lots of bushes and thick wood. if you have to go to those places, wear socks.

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