Zodiac Flea Spray

There are more than two thousand species of fleas and they can develop into a difficult-to-control problem if they are not immediately gotten rid of. Undertaking several different steps to manage your flea problem is the most effective way of fully eliminating these tiresome pests.

Flea sprays are typically used together with other flea control products to manage flea infestations. Zodiac Flea Spray works by killing fleas on your pets as well as in your homes.

There are three varieties of flea sprays from Zodiac that specifically control fleas on pets and inside your home.

Zodiac Flea Sprays

You can use any or all of the following flea sprays to work on your flea problem.

Zodiac Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats

zodiac-flea-sprayThis flea control product kills fleas upon contact. It can also kill flea eggs for up to four weeks. To soothe your pet’s skin, it is infused with aloe vera extracts, lanolin, coconut extracts and oatmeal.

This flea control product also has a powder scent and can be applied to both cats and dogs eight weeks old and over.

Zodiac Premise 1000 Flea Spray, Zodiac Premise 2000 Flea Spray

These two flea sprays from Zodiac works on eliminating adult fleas as well as mature ticks upon contact. It can likewise kill flea larvae found in carpets, rugs, curtains, upholstered furniture and beddings.

It is a water-based solution so you don’t get any lingering smell after application. Zodiac Premise 1000 can kill fleas within 1000 square feet while the Zodiac Premise 2000 can cover 2000 square footage.

Both varieties come in two different sizes, ideal for small or large house interiors.

Zodiac Premise Plus Flea Spray

This product on the other hand, can be used in smaller homes; treating about 300 square footage. As with the other two flea sprays, this product works on killing fleas upon contact. It is ideal for use on carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture and bedding items.

When you use any of these flea sprays together with flea shampoos and flea collars, you can instantly manage flea infestation both on your pets and in your homes; and prevent re-infestation by eliminating inhibiting fleas from reproducing or developing into adult fleas since the sprays likewise target flea eggs and larvae.

You can find these Zodiac flea sprays for sale on the internet through selected pet supplies shops as well as general shopping sites that offer all types of products, from consumers’ needs to pet supplies.

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